More Evidence of Vaccine Damage to Immune Systems

I’ve previously posted links to a few studies indicating that flu vaccines had damaged children’s immune systems
(Previous posts: ). Here’s another such study:

“Here we compared the virus-specific CD8(+) T cell immunity in children vaccinated annually with that in unvaccinated children. In the present study, we compared influenza A virus-specific cellular and humoral responses of unvaccinated healthy control children with those of children with cystic fibrosis (CF) who were vaccinated annually. Similar virus-specific CD4(+) T cell and antibody responses were observed, while an age-dependent increase of the virus-specific CD8(+) T cell response that was absent in vaccinated CF children was observed in unvaccinated healthy control children. Our results indicate that annual influenza vaccination is effective against seasonal influenza but hampers the development of virus-specific CD8(+) T cell responses.”

In other words, while these flu shots seem to have focused the immune system to fight certain specific strains of virus, they seem to have also hampered immune responses to other new viruses. This could plausibly predispose to pandemics if new viruses evolve to exploit these defects.

These results are confirmed in mouse models, showing that flu vaccines hamper mouse CD8+ T cell response
and prevent the induction of heterosubtypic immunity against other flu virus.

According to this link:
the new disease Entovirus EV-D68 which has infected more than 150 children in the US, sending dozens to intensive care units, has yet to infect a child who hadn’t received MMR, polio, and flu vaccines.

I’m seeing lots of articles in the main stream media on why children should get their flu shots and the like. Haven’t seen one talk about these issues or citations yet, however.

4 thoughts on “More Evidence of Vaccine Damage to Immune Systems

  1. The above pingback comment pointed out that the first paper had effusive prose in favor of vaccines, to which I replied there (this is a slight edit):
    I suggest you consider a mental model in which there is crowd-think, or political pressure, or editorial bias, or political correctness, and/or maybe simple overt strong-arm consequences for those who transgress too far, or maybe simple cognitive bias, which is a well studied phenomenon,… anyway some combination of the above, that often causes researchers reporting their results to issue statements in support of the Greatness and Benefits of Vaccines even in papers that report results highly damaging to them. The same phenomena may be observed in “Climate Science”. In pretty much any cargo cult science, in fact.

    You can be relatively immune from becoming deluded when the above is going on if you are capable of evaluating the results and ignoring the flowery prose.

    The results are, that flu vaccines have been repeatedly reported to result in collateral damage to immune systems both in humans and mice, whatever benefits they might provide, thus rendering humans and mice more exposed than they were before the vaccination to some other infections than the ones they provided benefits against.

    Do you deny that simple statement?

    1. There is ample evidence in a variety of academia, industries and sciences of how the status quo protects itself from new ideas. You will lose your job, never get tenure, find yourself mocked and attacked and marginalized, and certainly not get any lucrative corporate grants and perks, if you dare veer too far off the reservation and ask inconvenient questions.

      Or as with journalists who lose their “access” and soon their jobs.

      Even daring to question vaccines as a professional means certain career suicide.

      The fact that researchers feel compelled to gesticulate before the conventional wisdom even as they probe its boundaries is evidence that vaccine science is in fact a religion.

      It is defended regardless of its flaws (the “yeah but” syndrome, or No True Scotsman). All must cross themselves at the altar before they enter.

      Like the Japanese Emperor, a sun god towards whom we dare not look, or the Pope, infallible ever always no matter what. Vaccine science shows every signal that it is static, rigid, dogma.

      aka the word that ought to strike terror into the hearts of actual “scientists”… blind faith.

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