I’m not a medical doctor and I’m not giving medical advice. I’m a scientist describing the world as I see it and reason about it.

Please don’t believe anything I say unless I demonstrate it logically and with citations to your satisfaction, and then only believe it because you know how to prove it.
Never believe anything I tell you because of my authority. Believe it because you understand it, or not at all. After all, much of what I am saying is contradictory to everything the authorities and establishment and media are telling you.

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  1. Hello, and congratulations on the most level-headed treatment of vaccines that I’ve seen on the web. I wonder if you can do me a favour: I’m simply unable to find the orthodox or mainstream data on the diseases endemic to the USA (or elsewhere) going back to 1900 and whenever I ask some shill posting on sites such as iMDB, all I get are evasions.

    What I’m looking for is such data for as many diseases as possible, including those for which there has not been widespread vaccination, along with indications as to when vaccination was introduced, if such was the case, and how extensive the vaccination effort was. In other words, as much information as possible. I’m not asking you to post that information, just to direct me to it if you can.

    Thanks in advance and best regards,

    John Bleau

  2. Thank you. I have found some mortality data going back to about 1900 at the CDC and will try to compile some of it into meaningful tables. I’ll notify you if I ever get around to it.

  3. Glad to hear. I love him as well. And just caught him speaking yesterday on this week’s ‘Soul of Healing Summit’ talk series. (Didn’t at all mean to imply you hadn’t credited his work.)

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