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How can you be sure you have the best answer to such complex questions? How can experts be sure?

TRUTHSIFT not only gives you the best answer available, one which optimally combines the wisdom and expertise of everyone who cares to contribute, but it diagrams why this answer is declared best so that you can see for yourself.

TRUTHSIFT combines our collective wisdom in the only known way that gets the best answer: rational thought. Rational Thought isn’t a popularity contest, and it isn’t one expert’s opinion, and it isn’t what we might think, hope, or want to be true. As neuroscience research has taught us, it is also something that humans are not naturals at. Its determined by logic. TruthSift is revolutionary because we combine people’s intuitive inputs logically to arrive at the best answer, as only cool logic can.

This method of combination brings out the best interactions of people, by naturally dividing the issue into logically connected sub-issues. People contribute to the sub-issues they have expertise in, and are guided to overcome any biases or incorrect ideas or emotional viewpoints by the contributions of others, which directly address these with proof.

Screenshot 2016-02-09 13.28.01
A Diagram in centered on topic, showing 2 layers. The topic is gold, Pro are blue, Con red. Thick border for Tentatively Established, thin Refuted. The black triangles indicate other connectors not shown, including refutations of n3 and n10. The full diagram is here.


TruthSift displays whether each statement is logically established (Bold border) or has been logically refuted (thin border) based on all the contributions of members to date. For every statement people care to debate, one of these alternatives is true and TruthSift reveals which is the case, and lets you explore the proof or the refutation, or add to them.

TRUTHSHIFT’S PROCESS IS LIKE PUBLISHING IN The SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE, BUT EASIER. TruthSift asks you to contribute to a diagram any time you have a rational point to make that hasn’t been made yet on that diagram. If you see something somebody has posted that is wrong, and you can explain why you think its wrong, and nobody else has yet pointed this out, please post. If somebody has challenged a post, and you can correct the post or explain the misunderstanding, please do. If you have something you want to say, and you think you can prove or disprove it, please do. The goal is to build diagrams that show what is logically established, and how the plausible refutations are refuted, to which nobody has any remaining objection.

TruthSift asks of its members that you believe every public post you make is correct, not duplicative of a parallel post in the diagram, and clearly stated. By correct we mean, does rationally prove or refute its conclusion. Attacks directed at people rather than the statements themselves are not permitted.

The world has suffered greatly from group think, as we expect TruthSift to reveal. Without the discipline of TruthSift, experts draw false yet confident conclusions to a far greater extent than most realize, and these errors propagate and cascade. However, with TruthSift, a new world will be revealed.

We urge you to join us in creating a collective intelligence greater than any that has hertofor existed on Earth.

TruthSift also supports private diagrams, where only invitees participate. Large organizations are particularly prone to group think, and to known distortions in propagating information up the hierarchy. TruthSift will let all your members contribute to decisions or planning or reports exactly where their comment is pertinent, and reveal the logical consequences. TruthSift instills and enforces critical thinking.

Basic Membership is free and only requires an email address.