Cargo Cult Science

Definition: A discipline is a cargo cult science if authors often ignore rather than rebut results or possibilities contradictory to their theory.

Source (more or less): Richard P Feynman, Cargo Cult Science

According to Feynman, it is incumbent on a scientist to emphasize everything that could be wrong with his theory, not sweep it under the rug. When this is widely disregarded, cargo cult science results.

In post 1 and other posts above, I have demonstrated by explicit lists of citations that there is a sizeable scientific literature indicating dangers and problems with vaccines.
I have demonstrated by explicit search of safety surveys etc. that the vaccine promoters at the CDC and the Institute of Medicine and Pediatric organizations do not cite, discuss, or rebut this literature.

Vaccinism is a Cargo Cult Science.

1 thought on “Cargo Cult Science

  1. Engaging with a vaccine advocate is a veritable buffet obstacle course of logical fallacies: No true scotsman, moving the goalposts, loaded questions, appeal to fear, appeal to authority, appeal to consequence, ad hominem, reducto ad absurdum, non sequitur, strawman, false dilemma, bandwagon fallacy, cherry picking, appeal to tradition… all in one thread.

    Proponent: vaccines are safe!
    Skeptic: actually, there are numerous risks and side effects, many quite severe.
    Proponent: my neighbor’s uncle had polio, it was horrible.
    Skeptic: that doesn’t convince me I need to give my infant the flu vaccine, or chickenpox.
    Proponent: babies die from the flu.
    Skeptic: that’s tragic, but does not mean vaccines are safe, or the benefits warrant the risk.
    Proponent: they’ve been studied, by science! You are anti-science.
    Skeptic: actually many aspects have not been studied, and some studies raise troubling questions, and some concerns are effectively unanswerable under our current abilities
    Proponent: Wakefield is a quack, vaccines don’t cause autism.
    Skeptic: an autism direct link was never my sole or even leading concern. But in fact, it was recently exposed that the CDC altered its own study rather than confront troubling findings about autism and MMR.
    Proponent: who are you going to believe, a Hollywood bimbo, or scientists!
    Skeptic: I am troubled by the rising exposure of drug company malfeasance, cover-ups, and corruption of the research process. I don’t actually trust that system any more. We are hearing far too much about conflicts of interest, self-censorship among researchers, and buried reports ad cover ups of adverse outcomes.
    Proponent: vaccines are tested in other countries too.
    Skeptic: why are we seeing an alarming rise of immune and chronic diseases?
    Proponent: it must be something else, vaccines are safe.
    [repeat to the point of despair]

    To your point, vaccine science and its advocates seem to have abandoned transparency and relentless curiosity. They have now largely “circled the wagons” and gone on the attack in a style more akin to pathological corporations and bureaucracies, who come to value the organization more than its mission.

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