Vaccines and Autism

UPI Reporter Dan Olmsted went looking for the autistic Amish. In a community where he should have found 50 profound autistics, he found 3. The first was an adopted Chinese girl who’d had vaccinations rushed before she was shipped from China and more here on the way to the adoptive parents. The second had been normal until developing classic autism symptoms within hours of being vaccinated. The third there was no information about.

He published his findings in 2005. And I’ve just heard about it. That’s another way you get crowd think: the rational information can’t propagate fast enough.

Click to access e.4.pdf

A new paper appeared in the Journal Of Public Health and Epidemiology. The authors report finding residual human DNA as a contaminant in vaccines, vastly more than the FDA limits. They find extensive correlations between getting vaccines with human DNA and becoming autistic.

Leaving aside the statistical case, we have now been told that vaccines are currently contaminated with human DNA as well as mycoplasmas, and have in the past been contaminated with various living viruses such as HIV and SV-40.

So far as I can tell, the media, the CDC, and big pharma have so far completely ignored the latest contaminant.
Which come to think of it, is par for the course. No wonder there are contaminants.

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