The Vaccine Design Procedure

Here’s my take on the current vaccine design procedure. As always, I’d love to be corrected on any point.

(1) They start with something that is undeniably toxic to inject– a deadly virus.
(2) They tinker with this until they can inject it without its causing an unacceptable number of side effects within 48 hours of the shot while still raising titer levels for a year or two. (This is basically the definition of passing clinical trials.)
NB: From the package inserts you can see that having a sizeable minority or for some vaccines even a majority of the kids report side effects such as redness, swelling, tenderness, drowsiness, irritability, vomiting etc is apparently acceptable, with the frequency and severity of the symptoms increasing as the vaccine is repeated multiple times, and being worse still in some testing on kids also getting other vaccines at the same time. Also, some serious fraction like 1/1000 of the kids in the clinical trials *die* during the trial, but if it doesn’t happen within 72 hours they put that down to background because kids are dying all the time. Of course, they never compare the background death rate in unvaccinated kids, of which they have no idea. And when it does happen multiple times within 72 hours in the clinical trials, they sometimes chalk it up to some other cause. CF the Tripedia package insert.[1]
(3) The tinkering inherently involves adding dangerous substances like mercury and aluminum, some of which are added because they are toxic (so can even kill viruses or bacteria) and some of which are added because they provoke the immune system out of its normal operating range. The added substances are specifically selected for this, the salts of aluminum they use for example are particularly ones that the kidneys can’t readily eliminate. Of course, the normal operating range of the immune system has been highly tuned by evolution, so going out of it may be expected to cause some problem. Many if not all of these substances are bio-accumulative and known neuro-toxins. (Incidentally, although the CDC claims they have removed mercury as a precaution from children’s vaccines other than flu, the Tripedia package insert above explicitly says its in Tripedia as a residue of manufacturing process.)
(4) The injection process inherently bypasses the digestive system, thus injecting intact antigens and poisons directly into the blood in a way that never happened in nature. For example, 99.75% of dietary aluminum is pooped out without ever reaching the blood, but virtually 100% of aluminum in the vaccines will eventually make it into the blood and thence much of it will pass into organs.(Indeed, they are bypassing four (4) separate filters that had evolved apparently for the purpose of keeping neuro-toxins like aluminum out of the baby’s immune system and brain:(1) the mother’s digestion kept most aluminum from reaching her blood, (2) the placenta filtered out the aluminum and toxins, constructing the fetus in a clean room, (3) the breast milk has very low aluminum, and (4) the infant’s digestive system filtered 99.75% of that. )
(5) They do not check the vaccines for mycoplasma contamination, which they have long known was likely, which is said to be happening, and which is suggested by scientific literature to cause serious problems in the long term.[2],
(6) They do not in the assessment of whether the tinkered product is still toxic attempt any assay whatsoever of long term effects, even though there are solid physical and empirical arguments such long term effects are precisely what you should expect for a variety of reasons:
(a) most of the aluminum in a shot stays localized for weeks in the muscle where it was injected, slowly leaking into the blood, from where it is likely in a form the kidneys can’t readily eliminate,
(b) There is the possibility of interfering with development in children. The animal studies of both antigen injection and aluminum show problems in the adult animal following vaccination of infant animals, not immediately after the vaccination.
The package inserts routinely say things like:”Tripedia vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility.” They do not perform placebo studies, where vaccine getters are compared to unvaccinated people. At best they compare people who got some vaccines to people who got other vaccines.
(7) They virtually ignore the interaction of vaccines, or the possibilities (strongly suggested by the animal literature) that too many vaccines could overload the immune system and cause auto-immune disease, or that vaccines given at critical times in development could cause problems. The safety studies invariably compare individuals getting one vaccine plus others to individuals getting others, and there is no cogent paper sensitive to early and often or to total aluminum load that I’ve been able to find, that doesn’t suggest these things are dangerous.
(8) Not infrequently it becomes very likely that some vaccine has indeed caused a large number of immediate deaths[3] or immediate miscarriages[4] or infertilities or put a bunch of kids in a coma [5] or injected a large number of people with other contaminating live viruses suspected of causing cancer and possibly originating AIDS[6]. In the numerous events where a serious problem is discovered plainly and/or becomes public knowledge, they do their best to keep it quiet, although they may withdraw or fix the vaccine. Or they may not. Even when a co-author comes forward to claim fraud and misconduct (not only Thompson, but also the insiders suing Merck over alleged fraud in the Mumps trials[7]) they don’t withdraw the papers or the vaccines. Moreover its become clear that virtually the entire commercial media with the exception of some foreign or alternative web-sites is in lockstep compliance with suppressing questions about vaccines. How many problems have they hidden we don’t even know about?
(9) The vaccine manufacturers are completely indemnified from any damages by an act of Congress.
(10) CDC and FDA honchos routinely go on to and/or come from lucrative positions at big Pharma.

What could go wrong?

Citations for assertions I haven’t bothered to cite can mostly be found at


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  1. Hello, I just want to say that I appreciate your articles. I try to “Like” them, but then I’m sent to some pop-up requiring that I register with WordPress. I don’t know if that’s intended or a bug.

    Please keep up the good work.


    John Bleau

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