Journal of Pediatrics Refused to Get Vaccine Paper Reviewed

I sent them a paper that directly contradicts and cogently critiques their editorial and cites (and links, see for yourself) dozens of main stream peer reviewed papers not considered in previous safety surveys. The papers suggest huge problems, for example, that early vaccines are killing 4 US babies in 1000, and some of the biggest culprits, btw, are likely vaccines like Hep B for which there is no reasonable argument to give them so early. Their response is to refuse to consider the paper, or even send it to referees. Also, all my new citations are within the last 10 years, many within the last few years. The easiest way to see Le Bon Crowd think in the sciences: they have closed their minds (and the minds of any Pediatricians who might read my paper). When everybody assumes they are right and refuses to look at new evidence, you have crowd think for obvious reasons.

Ref.:  Ms. No. 2014624
The Published Data Indicates Early Adjuvanted Vaccines Are Dangerous
The Journal of Pediatrics

Dear Dr. [Philosopher],

Your manuscript has been evaluated by the Editors.  We are sorry to inform you that we will not be able to publish your manuscript in The Journal of Pediatrics.

Because of limited space, we are able to accept <20% of submitted manuscripts.  In reaching an editorial decision, the Editors considered the priority for publication, the quality of the manuscript, the novelty of the observation, and appropriateness for our readership.  

If a manuscript does not fulfill the requirements of The Journal of Pediatrics, we do not send it out for peer review.  This allows the authors to obtain a prompt decision, and to prepare their manuscript for resubmission elsewhere without delay.

We are sorry that we cannot allow resubmission.  Thank you for sending this paper for our consideration.  


Sarah S. Long, M.D.
Associate Editor

William F. Balistreri, M.D.


2 thoughts on “Journal of Pediatrics Refused to Get Vaccine Paper Reviewed

  1. Actually, you failed their criteria: anything questioning vaccine dogma is “not suitable to their audience”. Whose heads would explode if exposed to heresy.

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